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Brother PT-2730
4.499.000VNĐ 4.030.000VNĐ
Brother PT-9700PC
12.000.000VNĐ 10.150.000VNĐ
Brother PT-E100
2.400.000VNĐ 1.200.000VNĐ
Brother PT-E300
5.300.000VNĐ 4.450.000VNĐ
Brother PT-E550W
11.500.000VNĐ 10.185.000VNĐ

Home & Home Office Labeling Applications

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Click on each red dot below to learn about the many ways you can use a Brother P-touch® and a Brother™ QL Label Printer around your home and home office. Labels are for illustrative purposes only. All applications do not work with all models.

Home & Home Office Labeling Applications


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